The VoIPTrainer, a product of 4What Interactive  
Interactive End-User Training & Support for IP Phones, Call Centers & Other Unified Communications Applications
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Phone & Application Training Modules

» Mobile & Jabber Apps
» 9900 Series
» 8900 Series
» 6900 Series
» Communications Manager
» IP Communicator
» 7914/15/16 Expansion
» 7925/21 Wireless
» 7937 Conference
» 7960/40 Series
» 7965/45 Series

» Flare Experience
» one-X Mobile for iPhone/Android
» one-X Agent
» one-X Communicator
» IP Office Programs
» B149, B159 & B179 Conference
» 9670 Phones
» 9650 Phones
» 9641/21 Phones
» 9611/08 Phones
» 9620/30 Phones
» 4620/21 Phones

» Office Communicator 2007 R2
» Outlook Voice Access

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The VoIPTrainer is a powerful end-user training and support tool for Cisco and Avaya phones and applications.

We develop highly engaging eLearning for manufacturers, partners and corporations to maximize ROI, increase sales, ease deployment concerns, reduce training costs and increase end-user product satisfaction. The VoIPTrainer continues to be a leader in online on-demand product training for the unified communications marketplace with our products designed specifically for partners and users of Cisco, Avaya, Plantronics and Microsoft products.

Properly trained end-users will utilize more of the phone features--ultimately providing a much higher rate of return on the investment. The VoIPTrainer is a key catalyst in not only increasing the rate of return on that investment, but also in lowering overall support costs associated with IP phones.

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  • Go Green and Eliminate Paper Manuals

  • Ease deployment & training for your new IP Phone system

  • Reduce or eliminate support calls

  • Train new employees on their IP Phones and Applications immediately

  • Can be customized to mirror your IP Phone system with extensions, phone numbers & more